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Trademark Registration in Panama

Updated on Thursday 28th October 2021

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Trademark Registration in Panama.jpgIn Panama trademark registrations are territorial, this means that the protection is achieved in the territory of Panama only, so there is no international protection. In Panama, the process of trademark registration is carried out before the General Directorate of Industrial Property of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries. The geographic location of Panama attracts people to set up companies in this country because they can easily export their products due to the presence of the highest-ranking ports in the world, and the low cost of labor in Panama. These facilities create tough competition and the trademark registration in Panama has become vital to reduce the chances of counterfeiting in the market. 
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What are the types of trademarks in Panama? 

These are some kinds of trademarks that a company holder can apply for in Panama:
  • - Collective;
  • - Commercial names and associations;
  • - Propaganda signs and expressions;
  • - Products and services;
Each trademark is registered by the Nice classification and the applicant must classify the nature of the item he/she wants to protect. In Panama, the applicant can register names, words, slogans, flavors, colors, designs, images, scents, and shapes for a trademark.
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Application procedure for a trademark in Panama

To carry out trademark registration in Panama, the applicant needs to appoint a power of attorney. The applicant will provide a sworn affidavit outlining the details of how he/she intends to use the trademarked item. They will also provide a list of items that need to be trademarked and include at least three branded samples of the trademark with the application. In the end, the applicant will provide the certification of the registered trademark.

It should be noted that if the trademark is registered in another country, then it must be notarized, and apostilled by the concerned country’s local Consulate of Panama. The trademark registration in Panama takes up to 8 months and the trademark is registered with the date from when the trademark registration application was started.

In Panama, trademarks are registered for 5 to 10 years and they can be renewed after their expiration. This registration in Panama costs around US$140.50 per category in which the applicant wants the trademark to be registered.
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Trademark registration of intellectual property in Panama

It is safe to incorporate a company in Panama since Panama has joined the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This organization promulgates the practices for the protection of intellectual property within the territories. This practice is empowering local businesses to come up with profitable ideas and inventions as Panama seems to demonstrate a commitment regarding developing its local intellectual property protection standards. Internationally accepted alike IP standards have brought easiness for the businesses to seek the same trademarks for their products in foreign countries also. As Panama is a member of WIPO, it has become very easy for the businesses expanding abroad to tackle vastly different IP registration systems.
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Why trademark registration is important?

Trademark registration in Panama is the only legal way to get legal rights over your trademark and it also provides legal protection. If your trademark is registered, this step will discourage others to use your trademark for any purpose. If anyone counterfeits your trademark, you can file a legal suit against him and also claim compensation for unauthorized use.

Trademark applications class count in Panama (2016-2019)

Here is a table representation of number of classes specified in trademark registration in Panama
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