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Updated on Tuesday 28th July 2020

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Lawyers in Panama.jpgInvestors who wish to open a company in Panama can fully rely on the special incorporation packages offered by our team of local lawyers. With extensive experience in working with foreign clients interested in offshore company formation, our firm offers complete legal services that target not only the actual incorporation process but also other areas of interest to international entrepreneurs, such as trademark registration or immigration laws. 
Our lawyers in Panama are able to offer you personalized legal solutions to any issues you may have whilst doing business in this offshore center. 

Panama company formation packages offered by our lawyers

Our services target multiple needs that are specific to corporate and individual clients. However, given the fact that Panama is a well-known offshore center, we specialize primarily in Panama incorporation and the laws and regulations that govern this process.
Our Panama lawyers are able to provide the following company formation packages, suited to different needs:
  • Standard offshore company formation package: Panama is an attractive offshore company location and our basic package includes the complete services related to the incorporation of an offshore company;
  • Onshore company formation in Panama: for those investors who are interested in trading onshore in Panama, our lawyers also offer assistance for the creation of an onshore corporation;
  • Shelf company in Panama: legal services for acquiring ready-made offshore companies; our team of Panama lawyers can help with company verification and the legal ownership transfer;
  • Other corporate services: offshore corporate management services that may include but are not limited to assigning registered agents or dissolving the company if required.
These are some examples of the services we provide in relation to Panama incorporation. Opening an offshore company is straightforward, however, foreign investors are required to follow a number of key steps. Our team of lawyers is here to ensure that you receive high quality services according to the type of company you choose to incorporate and the business field in which you will activate.

Legal services in Panama

Our lawyers in Panama specialize in a number of legal areas apart from Corporate Law. We are able to provide adequate legal services and assistance to investors who are interested in setting up and managing foundations just as well as we are able to advise investors on trademark registration or Maritime Law.
Other main practice areas include the following:
  1. Trusts and foundations in Panama: our team is able to assist investors who are looking for asset management solutions; we can help in the creation of trusts and/or private foundations;
  2. Offshore banking: we can assist investors with complete information on the local banking regulations so that the process of setting up an offshore bank account for the Panamanian company will be as straightforward as possible;
  3. Trademark registration: we provide legal assistance to investors who are interested in trademark registration with the Panama authorities recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization;
  4. Residency: foreign entrepreneurs who are also interested in residency and immigration can reach out to our lawyers in Panama for information;
  5. Maritime issues: assistance for ship registration and complete legal counsel on the Maritime Law as well as legal aid for managing maritime conflicts.
You can reach out to our team of lawyers specializing in Panama incorporation as well as any of the abovementioned matters for more information on how we can assist. 

Investments in Panama

According to the Panama Public Register, 757 anonymous companies were registered in June 2020. Other data shows the following:
  • - 1,133 anonymous companies were registered in January 2020, the largest per month number of new registered companies of this type in the first half of the year;
  • - 9 foreign companies were registered in March 2020 and only 4 in June;
  • - 14 civil companies were registered in January compared to 15 in June; the number of legal persons registered in the first month of the year of 32 compared to 3 in June 2020.
Our team of lawyers in Panama can provide you with specialized legal services needed to incorporate any of these business forms. We specialize in all legal matters concerning Panama offshore company formation as well as the creation of trusts or foundations. We can help investors who are interested in din knowing more about specific laws and regulations and we can help with legal representation whenever needed.
Contact us if you want to open a company in Panama and are in need of professional legal services. 


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